about cr

CLASSY|RATCHET was created to recognize and appreciate the fearless, multidimensional, multicultural woman not afraid to embrace all facets of who they truly are. Our intention is to promote balance and self-love, understanding that it is OK to embrace a lifestyle that reflects who you are wholly and not in parts, because ‘Living balanced is key’ (to life}.

What started as an idea for a birthday party quickly has turned into a movement upon recognition of the fact that CLASSY|RATCHET reflects so many women, across all ages and ethnicities, that openly embody this balance. We also strive to serve as a platform for those women who may struggle to embrace who they are to stand proudly upon.

CLASSY|RATCHET celebrates being ALL things…a boss in the boardroom, a scholar in the classroom, a babe on the beach, the turn up queen in the club, the mom, the wife. We exist for every woman not afraid to just “do them” and represent these women vicariously through our clothing, apparel and lifestyle.