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You Found Mr. Right. Now What?

So you’ve found Mr. Right.  He fits into your lifestyle like a glove and you are in the great new phase where you think of him constantly.  Couldn’t picture your life without him.  Then without fail you realize that you are completely open and start to doubt every aspect of your relationship with him.  “Is he really into me just as much as I am into him?”  “Is he tired or bored with me?”  “Am I enough woman for him with all my flaws?”  The list could go on and on.  Before you know it you’ve taken a completely beautiful relationship and tainted it with every past insecurity you could find.

The first thing to do once you find Mr.Right is not to paint him into Mr.Wrong.  Often times we feel like if something is too good to be true it more than likely is. While this has been a proven fact under many circumstances it isn’t always true. You can cause your relationship to fail by worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.  You’ll find yourself obsessing over his every move.

Remember an insecure woman is never attractive but a confident relaxed woman is.  He’ll call back when he can, or he’ll remember to buy you roses when he’s ready.  Pressuring your great guy is the perfect way to turn him into the wrong guy.  Let loose and keep in mind the less you do to pressure him the more he’ll want to be around you.  Recall all the things that made him fall in love with you in the first place and continue to exude those characteristics, because the worst nightmare for a man is to fall in love with one woman and get another in return.goodgirlbadguy5

Next, you’ll want to keep yourself in check.  You can’t get so engulfed in your main thang that you forget about the little things that make you unique.  If it’s going to yoga three days a week, or taking up a new paint course, keep a piece of you reserved.  Your man will appreciate the fact that you can balance being in a relationship with him and yourself.  Often times when bliss enters into our life we forget about everything else that used to make us happy.  We focus so much on holding tight to the person that brings us joy that we forget what it was like to live without them.  This will suffocate your man and put a dent in the growth of your relationship.

A great philosopher once said  a good relationship is with someone who knows all your insecurities and imperfections but still loves you for who you are.  If you are ever so blessed to meet that one man that makes your heart flutter at a touch or bring warmth to your cold heart be willing and ready to put in the work.  Don’t take it for granted by putting wrongs into something that’s just right for you. Put love and understanding at the top of your relationship and watch it flourish.

From the heart of Ebony S. Garris