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Work vs. Love…Finding the Balance

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I am in love. I’m talking head over heels, crazy in love with BOTH my man and my career. Although I crave him more, my craving for success isn’t too far behind (just being honest). What I am constantly learning is how difficult balancing both can be. There are so many articles about maintaining a positive work-life balance, but I often struggle more specifically from a lack of work-love balance.

Things can get murky when you’re trying to manage climbing the career ladder and/or being an entrepreneur, while also trying to “find time” to enjoy simple pleasures like date night and cuddling with your main thang. You want to focus on the business and tasks at hand…yet, you also want to cater to your significant other and show them the attention they deserve. Most times it’s not easy. It’s also why so many (often female) entrepreneurs and executives remain single…it’s truly a lot of work, but clearly it is not impossible. Here are a few quick tips to keep the love flowing and business booming


Does your partner know what you’re working on at work? Have you shared the details about the exciting new project (that has you coming home late every night) or the big deal your trying to close? Sharing your work life with the love of your life helps to make sure they’re included and may even help them to feel more empathetic towards you when your intentions to come home and make earth shattering love turn into earth shattering snores from being exhausted.

Set Boundaries (Put your phone down!)

Sometimes you have to put the devices away and know when to put him/her JV2_9116first. Just be present. Between work emails, personal phone calls with your friends, social media…there is so much to be distracted with. SHUT IT DOWN. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours (believe me, that email can wait). Having time to connect and just “be” with your significant other make a huge difference.  If you need to designate a specific time to “close shop”, do that.  You have to have boundaries so that in both life and love you have the time to recharge and reboot.

Don’t Bring Your BS Home

Had a bad day? Don’t bring that sh!t home. Leave it in the car, on the train, bus or wherever you have to before you hit the front door. This is a difficult one, but it’s only fair. NEVER let the negativity in your professional life seep into your personal if you can help it.

Last year a wise woman put a bug in my ear. I’ll preface her words to let you know by all standards she is everything a lot of young women aspire to be and quite a catch for any man. Career, check. Good looks, check. Own home, check. Nice car, check. In our conversation as I started to run off my career aspirations and dreams she stopped and said to me “Don’t gain all that success and not have anyone to share it with eventually…”. Her comments stung and stopped me in my tracks, shedding light on something I had taken for granted so long. Her words made me more thankful of the fact that I indeed did have someone to share my life with. That is the moment I truly realized that BALANCE is the key to unlock love and success. One without the other is fine, but together…that’s a combo destined for happiness!

-@lonair xoxo