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Where is he?! : Great Places to Meet a Man Worthy of Your Time

All the single ladies put your hands up! Are you getting discouraged and unsatisfied with the dating scene? Does it seem like the places to find Mr. Right are becoming scarce? Or have all the good men have become scarce themselves? Don’t lose hope. The good ones are out there…somewhere. We can either sit and wait for them to find us to sweep us off our feet or we can take control of our own destiny, seeking out that future boyfriend or husband of your dreams. If you’re the adventurous/outgoing type and have chosen that second option, let’s get ready for some action!

Here are some places to potentially meet your dream guy:

783138061. The Bar 

Yes, this is old school, but it still works. Once the alcohol starts flowing it makes it easier to approach your target or he/she will feel confident about approaching you. You can definitely invite your girlfriends and make it a night out. But if you’re extremely outgoing going alone is perfectly fine.

2. Shopping Centers 

Whether it’s the mall or grocery store. These places are loaded with people. If any of these places are not too far from where you live, there’s a chance that the person you meet might not live too far either. The best thing about meeting someone while shopping is it will happen unexpectedly. Chances are they will spot you before you spot them.

Couple enjoying dinner

3. Church 

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard this before. But it’s definitely true! Church usually has quite a few eligible men, often times looking for a mate themselves (just make sure they are checking for you and not the gentleman next to you if you know what we mean). There’s a strong possibility that they may share the same beliefs and morals as you. These men will be more serious and interested in long term instead of one night.

4. Friend of a Friend 

If you’re that serious, call in an audible and get your friends involved. Get introduced to some of their platonic guy friends and co-workers. Go out to parties and events, but if you do you’ve got to be friendly and you have to be seen! This is very important. You can even have your own party and ask your friends to invite people that they might know and have those people invite people they know. That will make for an interesting fresh group of potential mates to mingle with.

5. The Gym 

If you’re a fitness junkie you might find that special someone in the midst of your workout. While you are exercising your muscles, you can exercise your heart too. The gym is a great place to meet single men, single Sexy men! You’ll know in advance that they value their health and you’ll know what to expect when their suit comes off.


You may have crossed paths with Mr. Right days ago and you don’t even know it. Try not to look so closely and let love happen on its own. Love is like a lost object. If you search too hard you won’t find it. But if you just forget about it momentarily it will show up in the most unexpected way.