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What a Girl Wants: The Perfect #MCM

When you think of your Man Crush what qualities and traits come to mind? Is it someone that can make you laugh and will do anything to see you smile? Does he have a lot swag? What about his sex appeal? Is he masculine, romantic and genuine? Does he appreciate your grind and understand the value of “the hustle”? Does he compliment you? Your “Man Crush Monday” should hopefully be all that and then some, holding you down under any circumstance.


President Barack Obama is possibly the ultimate “Man Crush Monday” and we would be happy to be his Michelle any day! From his personality to his achievements, this man may have done and seen it all. Not to mention he always looks dapper in a suit and is all about stacking that paper too.


He’s more than intelligent. He’s powerful, passionate and dedicated. There’s really nothing he can’t do. He’s an example of what a leader should be, an amazing father and a perfect compliment to Michelle, who is always by his side and down to ride. Together, they are an amazing team.

Clearly Barack is taken, but be encouraged, your perfect MCM is on his way (if you haven’t found him already). Aspire to have a #MCM and more importantly, a partner that compliments you in every facet of your life, encouraging you to be your best everyday. Nothing can be more perfect than that!