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All the single ladies put your hands up! And put them up high. Embrace the fact that you are an independent queen and refuse to settle. Whether you haven’t found Mr. Right just yet or you might be dealing with a break up CLASSY|RATCHET is letting you know it’s okay to be single. You might be thinking being single is nothing to boast about, well think again because it is.

Here’s why single women are #winning:

You can flirt without fear 

Put it this way, you can look and you can touch! Let’s be honest, everyone flirts and there’s no denying that. Imagine if you’re out with your girls one night and you just happen to meet someone. It can’t go any further if you’re in a relationship, especially if you might be dealing with an insecure boyfriend that wouldn’t be able to handle it if you and the person you meet end up being “just friends.” So if you love to flirt then singlehood is for you.

You can do whatever you want 

If this isn’t one of the best things about being single, we don’t know what is. There’s nothing like being able to do you and come and go as you please without the stress of having someone question you about your whereabouts. You don’t ever have to be considerate of anyone’s feelings but your own when you’re single.


You can work on yourself 

This is something that CLASSY|RATCHET loves and lives by. You will never truly get to know yourself if you’re always in a relationship. Take this time to work on you and we mean really work on you. It’s extremely easy to get complacent when you’re in a relationship, so until Mr. Right comes along take this time to work on yourself whether it’s emotionally or physically.

You can stay in touch with friends 

“We haven’t seen you in a minute.” That’s usually what you hear over and over again when you get a new boo. There’s no denying that it’s easy to get wrapped up in a new interest; you want to be around each other all the time. But when you’re single you can go out and enjoy your friends company whenever you want. Never let a new relationship or anything for that matter take you away from friends that have turned into family. No shade to your future boo, but who are you going to call when he isn’t acting right? #justsaying.


Mr. Right is out there somewhere and when you’re ready he will find you. To all of the relationship girls out there, never settle just to say you’re with someone. Being single is fun so enjoy all of this me time that you get to experience. Always remember you are queen and only a king can match your fly!




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