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You might be able to recognize our #WCW in just about any category. Whether its movies, tv shows, red carpets and performances, she’s done it all. CLASSY|RATCHET’S #WomanCrush is none other than JLO!


One thing CLASSY|RATCHET absolutely adores about Jenny From The Block is her ability to be a boss woman. I mean what other woman do you know that can promote a new television show called Shades of Blue, host one of America’s biggest reality shows and be a loving mother to two of the cutest twins all while being one of the sexiest celebs? You probably guessed Super Woman, but nope its JLO! Can we just take a second to acknowledge the fact that SHE makes 46 look so good! We don’t know about you, but she has us ready to workout after looking at those abs of steel in the pic above. (starts to do sit-ups)


We’ll let Beyonce and Nicki finish, but JLO has proved she hasn’t lost a beat especially when she hosted the American Music Awards back in November. You know the jaw-dropping opening performance she did that had everyone talking. Of course we can’t forget how she slays every red carpet that she’s ever step foot on. I mean really, this woman can do no wrong, at least in our eyes! Just like fine wine JLO gets better with age. JLO we love you and we ain’t never gonna stop loving you!



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