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An accomplished actress, a powerful inspiration, bonafide style icon! She’s Fierce, Fabulous and Funny! You guessed it! Taraji P. Henson is CLASSY | RATCHET’S #WCW for so many reasons. Here’s why CLASSY | RATCHET loves them some Cookie:

taraji 2Inspirational

You have definitely proved that you’re valuable Taraji! We need you! She’s proof that consistent hard work and dedication is the only way to the top. Ending 2015 with season 2 of Empire and starting 2016 with a well deserved Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in TV Drama! All we have to say is Yaaaaaass! Taraji you did that.


You guys know we can’t resist a good outfit. Cookie’s sassy attitude wasn’t the only thing that made her so memorable. Her style is so unforgettable too. We couldn’t wait to see what Cookie would be wearing and let’s not forget how she manages to bring the sexy so effortlessly.

taraji 4Self-Confidence

Confidence is the best makeup or outfit that any woman could wear and Ms. Henson certainly wears it well. CLASSY | RATCHET loves that Taraji isn’t afraid to be herself at all times. Her ratchet side shows a little in all of her funny videos on social media.

taraji 5Humble

One thing we absolutely adore about Taraji is that even after all of her success Taraji acts as if she’s just another girl. She’s letting nothing stop her and we couldn’t be happier that the world has gotten the chance to love her for who she really is. There’s no raining on your parade girl! Keep doing you and pursuing your dreams. We love you!


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