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This week’s #WCW has just as much game as her husband. She’s a chef, comedian, businesswoman and singer. If you’re following her on Instagram (which you should be) you know exactly what were talking about. CLASSY|RATCHET’S #WCW is Ayesha Curry.

Of course it’s no secret. CLASSY|RATCHET can’t get enough of the Curry’s. If you thought Steph was the only one with wrist game you thought wrong. Ayesha has made appearances on the Food Network and has plans to release her very own cookbook. Aside from being an amazing cook; she’s also an amazing mom. Just look at Riley and Ryan; they are adorbs!

CLASSY|RATCHET will definitely be on the lookout for her cookbook. Ayesha, if you ever need a taster CLASSY|RATCHET is volunteering #justsaying.


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