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To give him the digits or not give him the digits that is always the question? A question that you wouldn’t think requires so much thought. But, as women we never know what will happen when we give a guy those precious eleven numbers. Yeah, we’re calling the guys out, because some guys abuse the privilege a little too often. But what if I told you I actually regret not giving a guy my number.


I’ll be the first to admit that the meme above is the story of my life. I avoid giving guys my number all the time, because I rather avoid dealing with a “textationship.” For those of you that don’t know, a textationship is a friendly or intimate friendship either brief or long-term between two people whereby texting is the primary form of communication. This might not sound so bad, but when you’re in a textationship answers to questions can be intentionally avoided or disregarded, because there’s no face-to-face communication. For example, say you and a guy you meet start to text and he continuously asks you to hang out, you can easily avoid it by either not replying or by coming up with several excuses. Again, I am guilty of this and I’m sure some of you ladies are too. Personally, I don’t like the idea of a textationship, because I don’t like to lead guys on and call me old fashion, but I prefer face-to-face communication.

With all of that being said, I actually regret not giving a particular guy my number. I was at a lounge one night and everything from the music to the atmosphere was perfect. My girls and I were having a great time. As I’m dancing and enjoying myself I could see a guy looking at me from the corner of my eye. So I continue to dance and do my own thing until almost the end of the night he finally approaches me to dance. As we’re exiting the lounge, even though I was with my girls, he decides to walk me to my car and asks if I would be interested in linking up. Of course I stayed true to girl code and decided not to go with him, so he takes my number. But puts my number in his friend’s phone, because his phone was dead!!! I knew that wasn’t a good idea, being that he was tipsy and I would probably never hear from him, but of course I didn’t think anything of it.

Days go by and I never ended up hearing from him. Was it love at first sight? Definitely not! I did like his personality and he was attractive so I was curious to see where this could go, but unfortunately he never texted me. Yes, I have been back to the lounge in hopes that I would see him again, but I haven’t as of yet. So to avoid thinking “what if” here are three tips I would suggest when exchanging numbers with a guy:


1. Take his number no matter what 

You never know what could happen. Unfortunately, the guy that was pursuing me his phone died so if a situation like that occurs take his number as long as you are definitely interested in getting to know him.

2. Be aggressive 

After a few minutes into the conversation take his number. Men like aggressive women so if you both exchange numbers he will probably end up texting you anyways, because he’ll remember that you asked without him having to do the work.

3. Make sure you both have the correct number 

Of course you’re going to meet guys in loud places like clubs, lounges and restaurants so once he starts to put your number in his phone or you take his, make sure the numbers are correct. It would suck if you exchange numbers and get a “Who’s this” response, because you took the wrong number. After a few drinks it’s best to run the numbers by each other to make sure they are correct.

Think of it this way, would you rather just have his number and see where it goes or continuously say what if I would’ve given him my number. And when all else fails or he becomes too annoying that’s what that BLOCKED button is for 😉 Don’t be afraid to use it!


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