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Transitioning from #CuddyBuddy to the Real Thing


One of the biggest and most important rules to a cuddy buddy is DON’T GET ATTACHED! Before things start to heat up in the bedroom you should leave those emotions at the door. But what if it turns out to be more than just an intimate connection? And you really do see a future. Well there are definitely a couple of things you can do to get your casual cuddy buddy to see you as relationship material.

Figure out what you are into 

It definitely sucks when one person develops feelings and the other just sees you as nothing more than a cuddy buddy. So before you pour your heart out to him/her evaluate your current situation.

Calculate your chances

Think about how often you communicate and under what circumstances. For example, do you only text at night? And hook up for sex? Are you drunk or sober when you hook up? Do you know each other’s friends? And most importantly, think about whether you ever just hang out to talk or have dinner? If you give an honest evaluation you will be able to know whether or not the commitment is worth pursuing.


Are you ready for commitment 

The question that everyone is afraid to answer, but are you? This is very important! Think of your career and personal life. Think of the adjustments you will have to make to accommodate a serious relationship. You don’t want to go all the way only to find out you aren’t ready.

Get things moving 

Once you have considered all of these things, its time to make your move. The best way to start is by going on a date with no sex involved. Avoid anything too serious, so no family events or office parties. That will seem pushy, so keep it light. Maybe dinner and a movie? If things go well he/she may want to go out more and see you in a different light.


Express your feelings

After a few dates and you notice he/she is in a good mood tell them that you have feelings for them and that you want to get serious. At the end of the day the more honest you are the better.

Be prepared

If your cuddy buddy doesn’t want to get serious, move on. This may sound harsh if you were hoping for a happy ending but you will only start to feel like you are being taken for granted. Don’t agree to keep things casual if you have feelings for them. With any luck they will realize they don’t want to loose you and make their move.

There are plenty of people out there willing to get serious with you. Don’t beg or twist their arm into agreeing to be in a relationship. Maybe all they are looking for is a casual sex buddy and you are better off finding someone that is willing to commit!