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To Wax or Shave? That is the Question

Whether you’re boo’ed up or plan to find yourself a lituation for “Single Girl’s Awareness Weekend”, as V-Day approaches an important decision has to be made and if you’re a perfectionist it could potentially ruin your weekend. No it’s not bae’s gift or what you should wear on that hot date you have planned…It’s whether you should wax or shave your lady parts (or keep that monkey au naturale)?? If you’re anything like us we are planning for it to go DOWN this weekend so either way, you need to make sure your “situation” is situated.

CLASSY|RATCHET is all for girl power, but this time we wanted to see how the guys felt about what we do to our lady parts. During our research we found that for some guys, less is really more and for others a little stubble never hurt anybody (for the Pimp C types we suppose?). Whatever the case the major key is to always keep the cooch groomed and pampered. In light of our V-Day preparations here are some pros and cons of waxing vs. shaving:

To Wax? 

A lot of ladies have never waxed before, but it definitely has its benefits. You’re hairless longer, you save a lot of time and effort (you know what we mean) and you avoid cutting yourself. You also may experience less ingrown hairs and razor bumps, as opposed to shaving. If you’re the private type and would rather avoid having heat touch your most valuable accessory then waxing might not be for you. Waxing, when not done properly can cause burns or scarring and the last thing anyone wants is a scratch on their shiny trophy. We know the downside of waxing doesn’t sound that tempting, but overall waxing is really a great option if you can afford it!

Or to Shave?

Epilation time - woman legs in bath and shaving accessories.

If you prefer to tame that mane without any extra assistance then shaving may be the way to go. At the very least you for sure will save a few dollars because most “personal” waxing services aren’t cheap. So if you’re broke don’t fret! Shaving might be your best option. You can DIY (with a good razor of course) and if you don’t want to get rid of everything you can shape things up however you please. One of the most annoying things about shaving is that the vaginal area is very sensitive so it’s not hard to accidentally cut yourself and sometimes razor bumps are inevitable (and quite unsightly- eek!). So if you’re Ms. DIY, make sure you are as gentle as possible. Thankfully God created numbing cream for waxing and exfoliating for shaving to ease some of those “pains”.

If neither of these options works for you, alternately you could try a bikini depilatory cream (i.e. Nair) for hair removal or you may want to keep it gangster and not want to do either (no judgment boo). No matter what you do always remember to keep it fresh and ready to go for your naughty check ups …cause you never know when your love doctor might be ready for his next session! 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day from CLASSY|RATCHET <3


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