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Thirsty Thursday: The "Lemonade" Master Cleanse (Do’s and Dont’s)

When it comes to dieting the biggest question is, does it really detoxify your body? The Lemonade Diet also known as the “Master Cleanse” is a liquid-only diet that consists of lemons, salt water and a herbal laxative tea. How it works is pretty simple, in the morning you drink salt water, in the afternoon you drink 6-12oz of the lemonade mixture and then some of the laxative tea in the evening. For those who not only want to switch up their diet, but cleanse and flush out toxins we’ve composed a list of do’s and dont’s while cleansing.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s of the Lemonade Master Cleanse…



1. Stay hydrated.

Since you won’t be consuming as much calories as you normally would be, you should definitely drink lots of water. The more water you drink the more full you feel.

2. Ease in. 

It definitely won’t be easy to give up solid foods completely. So once you start the diet slowly start removing processed foods from your diet.

3. Store your lemons on the counter. 

One mistake that everyone makes is putting the lemons in the refrigerator. The lemons need to ripe so store them on your kitchen counter. If you buy a certain amount of lemons at a time take some out and store the rest in the refrigerator.


1. Don’t gorge yourself once the cleanse ends.

Of course after hard work a reward is definitely earned. But once you’ve reached the finish line of the diet don’t overindulge. The cleanse does help to lose about 10lbs, but if you overeat immediately you will gain all of the weight back.

2. Don’t take a bite. 

If you are constantly around food and have some solid foods at home the temptation and stomach growls will be hard to ignore. While on the diet you should really resist the urge to eat anything solid.

3. Don’t use iodized salt.

Using Non-iodized salt is essential. The Salt Water flush MUST be done on an empty stomach.

This won’t be the easiest diet, but in the end it will all be worth it. You will feel energized and purified. Once you start losing weight you start to feel great! For those willing to give the diet a try, may will power and strength be in your favor! Here is the recipe and more information on the Lemonade Master Cleanse.