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Thirsty Thursday: Moët Nectar Rosé Luminous Edition

The world’s most notable champagne house, Moët and Chandon, embodies the spirit of luxury that you can see, quality that you can taste, and history that’s undeniable. The newest campaign, Moët Nectar Rose Luminous, takes that luxury to a new level. The crisp and sweet, yet familiar flavor of the Nectar Rose blend offers your tastebuds the excitement of a cocktail but is just light and bubbly enough to keep it sexy. The stunning luminous bottle accentuates its contents, it turns heads and sparks curiosity and conversation. (And it’s just freakin’ cool to pop a bottle of it in the club)

Moët’s global tagline “Success is a Matter of Style” aligns perfectly with anyone living the ClassyRatchet lifestyle because it’s about reinventing yourself but staying true to yourself at the same time, evolving, changing, growing constantly, and keeping those heads turning.

So the next time you are going out with your bae or your boos, raise a glass of Moet Nectar Rose Luminous and toast to the good life. Cheers!