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These are the colors of 2016!

For the first time ever Pantone introduces not one color of the year, but two! If you were hoping for a soothing, delicate and warm tone to add to your wardrobe your prayers have been answered with Rose Quartz and Serenity. These two shades are sure to keep you sugary and sweet!image-1Rose Quartz

We don’t know about you guys but this warm tone is perfect for warm weather. Rose Quartz is giving us spring vibes! The best part about this sugary tone is that it could be paired with other neutral tones such as grey, cream and khaki.image-4Serenity 

Serenity is the perfect shade of blue to pair with denim. It won’t be hard to complete an outfit with this shade, especially in the summer! Pairing it with white will make for the perfect color pop!


There’s definitely a connection between the colors when they are worn together. Feel free to take advantage of not one of the colors, but both meshed together. Maybe if you wear both colors at the same time it will help to bring order and peace to your day. Hmm let’s see!

We want to see how you will wear Rose Quartz and Serenity. Use the hashtag #ClassyRatchet if you include either of the two shades in your wardrobe!


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