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We’re only a few weeks away from summer, which means it’s CRUNCH TIME! So if you haven’t joined the waist gang you’ve probably been sipping tea. But the real question is are these teas really working? Is sipping the new technique to keep your waist snatched? Well we’ve done our research! You know CLASSY|RATCHET likes to keep it real so we’ve decided to spill the tea on the teas! By the way, (absolutely no coint was received during or after the production of this blog) We just wanted to keep it real with you guys and see you slay #allsummer16.


Whether it was on Instagram or YouTube you’ve probably heard of or seen a “slimming tea” before. But for those of you that might not know teas such as, the Flat Tummy Tea or Fit Tea are detox tea’s that prevent bloating, boost your energy and help to keep you feeling and looking your best. If you have already invested in a slimming tea or have been thinking about doing so make sure that your tea contains taraxacum leaf also known as “dandelion extract.” Dandelion extract acts as a digestive aid and detoxifier, which means it will help to rid of water weight.

Your slimming tea should also contain ginger root or organic green tea. If your tea contains green tea your safe! Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. It’s loaded with antioxidants and can help to increase fat burn. Teas that have ginger work as a natural appetite suppressant. Don’t worry this is totally safe too! The ginger will help to keep you satisfied longer, which will help you get that flat tummy you’ve been dreaming about. Now that the tea has been spilled hurry and get yours! Summer 16 is right around the corner; you want your waist to be snatched don’t you?


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