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The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s: All the reasons why Valentine’s is more fun when you’re Single

It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air and couples are deciding how they will celebrate Valentine’s Day. But for those of us that are single that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the most romantic holiday too. This is your one “Get out of Jail” card, your excuse to spend it with your girls or the one person you love the most, yourself.

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas if you’re single:

Pamper Yourself 

Getting a massage is a great way to take a break from the daily grind and relax. If your not really feeling the idea of going alone you can call a girlfriend(s) and do it as a group. And if you want to go all out get a mani and pedi too.

Get Away

Luckily, V-day falls on a Saturday this year, which means this is the perfect opportunity to get out of town for a few days. Drive somewhere you’ve never been even if it’s not far from home. It will be Valentine’s Day wherever you go so check out local events that will be happening at your destination.

Treat Yourself 

If you’ve seen Sex in the City, you know Carrie has those “hello, lover” moments – finding something amazing and buying it on the spot. Go ahead and get whatever your heart desires; shoes, a nice handbag, clothes etc. You are your own Valentine, after all.

Galentine’s Day 

The good news is you aren’t the only that is single. Call up some of your girls and have a girl’s night out. This is the perfect way for you all to catch up and have a great memorable night, especially if you haven’t had the chance to get out in the while. If you don’t feel like heading out enjoy a night at home.

Try Something Risky 

Why not try skydiving with your best friend? This will prove that you don’t need a boyfriend/significant other by your side to do amazing things. It’s something spontaneous and it would be one of hell of a story to tell.

Be happy regardless of your relationship status! Instead of feeling down and out on V-day spend this time celebrating your strengths and achievements. Love will come, but until then focus on your happiness and self-worth. If you choose to do anything on the ideas that I suggested have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day <3