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The Power of a Strong Handshake

As an entrepreneur I am always networking, meeting new people…and shaking hands (with the sanitizer near by of course).  And I usually always get the same comment “Wow, you have a strong handshake”.

First impressions are everything when it comes to business and one of my biggest pet peeves is a WEAK handshake.  Unfortunately those weak handshakes often come from other women.  When introducing yourself and doing business it is important to let the person on the receiving end know you mean exactly that- business- right out of the gate with a strong and confident handshake.  Here are a few tips to remember when you’re networking or closing your next big deal:

Be Confident

Put those shoulders back girl and straighten up that posture when you’re introducing yourself and going in for that handshake!  Your body language can dictate your conversation.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

A welcoming smile and eye contact go a long way.  Your positive deamenor creates a more comfortable situation for everyone.

Use Your Palm, NOT your fingers

Being a woman in business you often have to prove yourself and showcase your strength.  A handshake is a powerful opportunity to show this in a tangible way.  Your hand should be palm to palm when gripping the persons hand on the receiving end.  It’s a HANDshake, not a fingershake.  Use your whole hand.

Get a Grip

Now that you’re hand in hand with the person you’re meeting and you’ve made eye contact, give a their hand a light squeeze when going in for the kill.  Don’t try to break the person’s hand of course, but let them know “I’m here…oh, and it’s a pleasure to meet you”.

A strong handshake is an extension of your power and energy as a business woman and entrepreneur.  It allows you to make the most of opportunities you may not have again otherwise.  Leading with a firm handshake creates a memory and may just seal the deal on your next big connection or project.