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As if being a woman wasn’t enough finding the right beauty products can make matters more difficult. As we countdown to summer we’ve decided to share some of our fave affordable beauty products that will help you glow from the inside out. Here are some of our fave beauty products:


Glam Glow

We know we aren’t speaking for ourselves when we say we hate dark spots. But thankfully there’s a way to get rid of them. Glam Glow will de-clog and minimize pores, but also clear hyperpigmentation, scarring and breakouts. You can use Glam Glow daily or as a spot treatment. You can purchase Glam Glow at Sephora and Amazon.



Mineral Foundation

You’re headed out for a night out with your girls and your face looks flawless when you leave the house. But as soon as you arrive to your destination it turns to a oily mess. This is a must-have for us and we could never leave home without it! Mineral foundations can be purchased anywhere! And the price point does not determine the quality of the product. Purchasing a drugstore brand like Maybelline, Cover Girl or L’Oreal will keep your face beat and matte at the same time.


Coconut Oil

You are probably hip to game already, but if you aren’t were about to put you on. Let’s just say we thought we couldn’t live without mineral foundation, but realistically we can’t live without coconut oil. If we only had time to grab one product and live with it forever coconut oil would be it! You can use it for EVERYTHING! Seriously! From cooking, to hair care and body oil your use for coconut oil is endless.




LUSH Bath Bombs

If you thought these were Easter eggs or candy you guessed wrong. These are bath bombs. After a long day of work, a busy day with the kids or just an excuse to relieve some stress, bath bombs will take care of it all. First, you fill your bathtub with water. Once you get comfortable and ready to relax you release your bomb into the tub. Our favorite place to purchase bath bombs is LUSH. (Thank us later)

13689994Shea Butter

If we could describe Shea butter in one word it would be body healer. Shea butter contains tons of vitamins and unsaturated fats. Shea butter moisturizes and strengthens your skin, heals cuts and burns and repairs fine lines and wrinkles. For those that don’t use lotion a scented Shea butter would be great to use in the summer. Shea butter is available at whole foods or your local beauty supply stores.

After using these products that we’ve recommended there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t continuing glowing! But always remember how you feel and well you take care of your body will always determine your glow.


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