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"That's My Car: Luxury Cars We Love"

When you were younger you’ve probably dreamt of owning a luxury car. Whether its big or small they tend to make a great accessory and an unforgettable statement. Luxury cars are known for being the most comfortable way to travel in style.

We’ve compiled a few luxury cars that men would like to see women in as well what we would like to see men in:





If this year has taught us anything it taught to arrive in style and go out with a bang. Nothing says style more than a Bentley and nothing is sexier than a woman in one. This car is not only sleek, but it would make any woman seem strong and bold to be hoping behind the wheel of one of these.



range rover


For some reason women have become very daring this year. Some people may find a Range to be too big, but honestly men find it attractive if a woman is handling one, let alone driving it. This car shows confidence, class and attitude.





What woman doesn’t love a man in a nice car? A Porsche is known for being luxurious and it’s definitely legendary because its been making statements for years. This innovative and sporty vehicle is fit for a couple. Take a look at the image above; imagine bae picking you up in this classic ride





The Maybach is a timeless beauty and glows with perfection. When it comes to style and high definition this is definitely it! This vehicle will do more than turn heads. It is the ultimate luxury car especially for a man. It’s elegance and sleek interior is astonishing. There’s no better way to travel with bae. This is the ultimate luxury vehicle.