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Stay Fit and Fine Through the Holiday Season

We all know as the holiday season approaches family gatherings and parties filled with libations and food galore are on the horizon.  We also all know what that means for our waist lines.  With that in mind, we asked our resident fitness expert Dr. CeCe Cook to dish (pun intended) her best advice on staying fit and fine through the holiday season!

Dr. CeCe says…

1. Don’t skip your workouts!!: Keep your routine. Add more high intensity cardio activity if possible. Remember the BEST bodies are made in the off season (winter)

2. Choose Wisely: Minimize your bread intake. If you can choose hors d’oeuvres or meals that do not consist of bread, you’ve got it made.


3. Hydrate: Don’t forget water!! Challenge your self this holiday season to drink 2-3 Liters of water per day. It’s tough with all of the holiday cocktails flowing, but TRY IT!!! WATER CHALLENGE!!! Join me as I drink 3 L per day!

4. Sweet Tooth Blues: Ok so there’s no way around sweets this time of the year. Know your limits! Take a small plate and fill it with (quarter size) samples of what you like. Now it feels like you’ve had that entire slice of cake. Remember… Small sweet bites will keep your holiday body Merry and Bright!! 🙂

5. Portion Control: If you want to indulge on the big days, make a plan to eat light during the week and consider portion control. On the day of your dinner eat good, but don’t forget that little secret… PORTION CONTROL.


Dr. Cece
IG: @drcecedpt

picstitchDr. CeCe Cook, PT, DPT is the owner of Busybody Fitness & Rehab specializing in rehabilitation, wellness and fitness for all ages with an emphasis in sports and manual therapy. She earned her undergraduate degree in Clinical Exercise at Mississippi State University and holds a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The University of St. Augustine (FL).

Stay tuned for future Classy Ratchet healthy lifestyle and fitness tips to help keep you focused this Winter and beyond!