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Spice things up with your Boo: Sexy & Fun Ideas For a Night or Weekend In

It could be cold, dreary or rainy- some nights you just don’t feel like leaving the house even if it’s for a date. Stay at home date is a great way to get acquainted or reacquainted. Whether you’re with a new love interest or looking to spend quality time with bae you’ll appreciate these stay at home date ideas that require little investment but reap high awards. So tidy up, settle in and enjoy each other’s company by partaking in one of our suggestions.


man-and-woman-gaming1. Game Night 

Remember Sonic, Super Mario and Pac Man? Of course your boo probably won’t be too interested in those but may prefer to play 2K or Call of Duty, if so make it fun. Start a two-player game and pour yourselves a glass of wine. If you’re not really a video game fan, turn the games from nice to naughty and play a naughty game of Uno instead. It will definitely keep his and your attention.


iubita2. Movie Marathon 

Here’s a cozy way to spend a few hours together, nice and close on the couch. Buy some popcorn and a few other snacks, pull out a comforter and settle in for a themed movie marathon. Your movie night doesn’t necessarily have to have a theme you can watch movies that you both may have never seen before.


cooking3. Cook dinner together 

Just because you might be playing games and watching movies doesn’t mean you have to order out. Before you start your night, you can cook up a nice meal together. The two of you can try cooking something you’ve never cooked before or you can each make a dish of your choice.

fun4. Wish List 

Reconnect with one another between the sheets. You should each write down three sexual things you’ve each always wanted to try on separate pieces of paper. Fold them (marked with your initials) and mix them up. Take turns drawing out one of the other’s wishes, agreeing in advance to at least give it a try.

We hope our suggestions help to make your night fun and interesting and no matter what you do be sure to enjoy each other’s company!