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She’s Beauty and the Beast Vol. 4 | Middle Finger to My Old Life

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Swift talk pals.

Disarming the past, from our conscious, from our habits, from our freaking text messages can be a really challenging and sometimes daunting task.

Afterall, the past can damn near replay in our brains to the point of hypnosis. Throw in some fuckers who’d prefer you cuffed to a version of yourself that’s looong expired and we’ve got a crossroads ahead of us – one lane that lends itself to a u-turn and one that lends itself to glowing emancipation.

I mean we’d obviously choose the latter, right? But friends, many of us are living and prooving that solid decisions are much easier made in the world of analogies and hypotheticals than the world of temptations and impulses, so there’s that.

And here’s this…a positive alternative for our brains to replay. Affirmations that are all about:

* detaching yourself from any hauntings of the past
* pressing forward with resilience…
* and using the light of hindsight to lead your ass to the promised land.

Have an earfull, pair it up with motion and do let me know what you think. You can reply right back to this email and because I’m a nice human I’ll return your message lol.

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listen. digest. share. 

From the heart, soul and mind of @itsTracyG