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Self-Determination Sunday

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

You made it! You survived the first month of 2015. Since it’s only the beginning and the beginning of a brand new month I wanted to help keep you on the right track. One thing you should always be working on is being a better you, than you were yesterday. So in order to do so, I thought this letter to yourself would be exactly what you needed:

Dear Self,

I am working on being a better person,

Please let me be the type of person I would respect and admire if I saw them in action. Let me greet each new day as another opportunity to get things right. Let me be open to thinking about things in ways I haven’t thought about them before. Let me find ways to make a positive difference in the world, no matter how small, and act upon them when I am able.

 Let me be open to the challenge of change. Let me not shy away from things just because they are difficult. Let me face my fears and do things I would like to do even when they make me nervous. Let me be generous with what I have to give away. Let me remember to be grateful for every second that I get to make choices in my life and act upon them.

 Let me accept my mistakes as learning experiences and learn to love myself flaws and all. Let me not care so much what others think. And let me be confident in my ability to succeed.




Read this letter to yourself when you need a reminder that you are slowly, but surely working on YOU! Remember you don’t always need a plan; sometimes you just have to breathe and have faith. Every day is a second chance to improve. You will get there! Take that chance and be the change that you want to see and if opportunity doesn’t knock you can always build a door.