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Self-Confidence Sunday

“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.”

 I usually don’t feed into society or the media’s shaming, but I couldn’t let this one go. After reading about the backlash that Lane Bryant has been getting recently I decided to take a different approach with today’s Self-Sunday post. Lane Bryant has started a new campaign called “This Body.” The campaign features nude plus size women doing what makes them feel confident and comfortable. According to Lane Bryant, the campaign is meant to be fun and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes and allows women to decide what beautiful means to them. For some odd reason the media seems to be so bothered by this. All women are beautiful and instead of shaming them for their size or skin complexion they should be appreciated.

Of course all women are going to stand for this campaign, because women want to feel empowered and want to be accepted for who they are, which everyone should. But I think people fail to realize that beautiful can be used to describe anything that pleases the senses or mind aesthetically. Whether a model is slim or thick, short or tall, black or white; she is beautiful.

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As we begin a new week; I want you to always remember that you are beautiful and will always be beautiful. No matter what shape, size or skin complexion you are, look in the mirror every day and see the beauty that you hold on the inside and outside. Embrace those stretch marks, thick thighs and curves! Embrace everything you have and love yourself! Beauty is not flawless it shines through your flaws. And always remember that there is only one of you and there will never be another you. That’s what makes you so beautiful. Everything has beauty, it’s a shame that everyone doesn’t see it.


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