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"Rise & Grind: Balancing the Career and the Hustle"

We all want to be wealthy, enjoy the fruits our labor and live a life that is more fortunate and ultimately extravagant. At some point, we’ve all dreamt of nice jewelry, luxury cars and spending holidays in foreign islands. Often time your job is what you need to survive, but your hustle is your passion or your true love as some would say.

The difference between the ones that do and the ones that don’t is not luck or the lack of opportunity that one person has behind the other. It comes down to their mindset, purpose, motivation and will power. It comes down to how bad you want it and how far you are willing to go. It’s never the ones that are just motivated by money, it’s the ones who are motivated to change the world and build a legacy. But don’t get work and hustling confused. You can still have admiration for both and master the two. Your hustle can be seen as your hobby, something you do when you have some time but yet you still aspire to complete or achieve. Don’t ever lose sight of the present while trying build your future. Have the mindset of a champion who will be victorious no matter what when it comes to working and hustling.

But just remember ladies you aren’t wealthy until you’ve had something money can’t buy. We can do it!