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RELATIONSHIPS: Have you outgrown your circle? | What to do when you DO need new friends

Drake has been telling us “No New Friends” for awhile…but now you have hit your twenties and you realize your squad isn’t your squad anymore.

You have to ask yourself this question: Have I outgrown my friend circle?

Let me be the first to tell you I feel your pain. You stay in touch with your high school friends or college friends via Facebook for awhile, but after all the “I Miss YOU SO MUCH!” posts and the obligatory “likes” and retweets you decide to meet in person. You set a date, get dressed up to spill all the tea on your life, and after about an hour of chatting and reminesncing on the Good Ole Days you realize your best friend maaay not really be your best friend anymore.


OR maybe it’s the opposite. You have your ride-or-die fair weather home girl who is still in her over-drinking, partying, Snapchatt-ing hot mess days of youth. She’s fun, but she comes with a series of unfortunate decisions, messy break-ups, and drama. Then, one day you realize you actually have a stable career, adult responsibilities, and REAL BILLS so when she calls with her pre-teen woes and endless hangover stories you seriously debate whether you will be sending her to voicemail or texting her back a few hours later with the “call you back later” message.

I feel you.

You’re not alone in your struggle. People change and so have you! It is completely OK for you to create some distance between you and your old friends because- lets keep it 100- sometimes you are on the up and up and not every friend will understand your new life OR be happy for your success. Sooooooo….. let them mofo’s go! WE HAVE NEW FRIENDS TO MAKE!



Finding new friends can be scary, but here are a few tips on how to switch up your squad for a more fitting friends!

  • Connect with friends with similar hobbies.

Everyone has a hobby or “thing” they like to do. You can link up with a sports team, join a social club, a cycling team, a pub crawl group, a new gym, start a blog, make new friends with the Pokemon Go App- WHATEVER. You have to accept that you have changed for the better, grew ALL THE WAY up, and know how to find a group of people that are like-minded. Think about it this way- would you want to hang out with the person you were 6 years ago? Exactly.

  • Get out and see the community

When I saw community I mean any community; local community, virtual Facebook community, work community, etc. You have to put yourself out there and enjoy the ride. Be spontaneous. Attend events in your community that encourage meeting and greeting! The Living Social App actually does work. Be comfortable in your own skin to go to shindigs by yourself (or maybe just one other friend.) Highjack a local newspaper and see what your community has to offer- outdoor festivals, carnivals, exhibitions, museums and so much more! Drinking is great, but you don’t have to be wasted to make friends, sometimes its all about being at the right place at the right time with people just like you.


  • Travel and Relax.

We all have a tendency to make our world smaller than it needs to be! So plan an escape or vacation from your everyday routine and see the world with fresh eyes. A weekend trip out of town or adventure out of the country will connect you with people who you would have never met otherwise! Even if that means going on Groupon to get YO life-DO IT!

You and your old friends will always have your memories. Cherish those moments, but do not let them stop you from branching out and meeting new friends and trying new things. Nobody can stop your show, old or new, so if you are working with a small squad right now put yourself out there and find out who is looking for someone like you!