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Planning a Trip? Here are a few of our favorite travel tips and apps

When you think of going on vacation what are some things that come to mind? We’re pretty sure stress isn’t one of them. As of late traveling is not easy and probably won’t get any easier. Since CLASSY|RATCHET loves a good vacay and knows how difficult traveling can be we’ve decided to share some our traveling secrets and apps to help your enjoy your trip from beginning to end:


Dodge the crowds 

One of the quickest ways to get to your gate is to check-in online before you arrive at the airport and your carry-on your bags. If you aren’t able to take advantage of checking in online or your bags are too large to carry-on luckily curbside check-in was invented so you still have the chance to avoid the crowds. But if you rather not pay the “tip” to check bags that you might already be paying for anyway you can search online to see if your airport/airline will allow you to tag your own luggage and use self check-in.

 Travel apps

TripIt and GateGuru are two apps that CLASSY|RATCHET can’t travel without. These apps will keep you updated with flight delays, gate info and current security screen waiting times. Isn’t that convenient? And for those that may have connecting flights and know they’ll arrive hungry and pressed for time B4 You Board always makes sure we can avoid the pretzels and ginger ale on the flight. You’re food will be ready for pick up and it’s one less thing to worry about if you’ll be traveling with kids.


Fly Light 

You don’t want to over pack and not have room to bring any souvenirs back (cause what’s vacation without a shopping trip?). You also don’t want to dress with too many layers because you may have to remove clothing when going through security. Traveling in workout attire will save you time when you’re trying to get through security and if you have on sneakers you may not be asked to remove them. And REMEMBER if you will have a carry-on make certain your liquids are 3oz. or less (You can thank us later).

Mark your bags

The days when everyone use to buy floral pattern luggage are long gone. Now everyone’s luggage looks the same. To avoid loosing your bag or taking someone else’s by mistake, mark your bag with something that will help you to remember which one is yours when you get to baggage claim. A simple colored piece of yarn or tag will do!

Trying to avoid issues when traveling can be impossible at times, but following our tips and suggestions should help you towards stress-free travel.



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