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You might have thought you saw the last of the gladiator sandal trend last spring, but you guessed wrong! With more straps and embellishments the trend is getting even more Roman than ever before. So to help you slay like a true goddess would, here are some ways to style the gladiator sandal:


Gladiator sandals look fab with shorts. For the petite and short girls out there, if you were looking for a way to elongate your legs this is how you do it! The knee length sandal will make your thighs and legs look sexy whether you choose to wear them out in the day or night.


Who said you can’t pair your gladiator sandal with a dress? Yes, shorts help to show off the sandal but a dress can do the same. You can pair your gladiator sandal with any simple or casual dress that you own. If you really want to take your outfit up a notch pair the sandal with a printed dress. Gladiator sandals with printed material (as seen in the pic above) will create a edgy and chic look.


Pairing your gladiator sandals with a long maxi dress will be sure to give off major Roman vibes. A dress with very light material will be blowing in the wind as you stroll and it’s the perfect way to put emphasis on those legs and show off your sandals.



Whether it’s low or high show us how you’ll be stepping out in style this weekend with your gladiator sandal. Hashtag #ClassyRatchet so we can see how you rock the trend! 🙂






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