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Perception vs Reality: The Importance of being yourself on social media

You’re probably thinking hmm Classy Ratchet wants to offer some advice about being yourself on social media. Yes we do! We may condone Ratchet activity to an extent, but we definitely believe in being classy over everything.

Good ole social media. Don’t you just love it? Although it is a great way to connect with family and friends it can very much be harmful to your future depending on what you post that is! Social media has managed to go beyond sharing pictures with your friends and family. It’s now your brand. It’s who you want the world to know you are. So if some of your friends were to describe you in a few words or even some pictures your social media networks should do the same when someone visits your networks.

social-media-strategyI can use myself as an example, I am definitely myself on social media, but each of my social networks represents a different part of me. For example, my Instagram shows that I love to have fun and enjoy the company of my family and friends. My LinkedIn displays my passion for writing, other interests and employment history and my twitter shares my current thoughts. You can’t be conservative and sweet in person and then be indulging in ratchet/thot activity on social media. I believe everyone has split personality. They are one way in person and then another way on social media. Both have to coincide!



It’s a shame that society makes us feel that we have to gain social acceptance from others just to fit in. This doesn’t allow you to show the world who you really are. Being authentic is fun and less stressful. You might be thinking, but what if I have a trait or brand that others won’t like. Instead of thinking so negatively, did you ever think about those others that WILL like that trait? This can possibly make you stand out from the rest and take you to the top. When you accept this, you will be able to be more comfortable in your own skin and be yourself on and offline. Always remember to do what makes you happy and post what is appropriate. Everyone has that inner Sasha Fierce it’s okay to let her out, but when it’s appropriate. 😉


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