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It’s #ManCrushMonday but that’s not the reason were checkin’ for these fine fellas. So grab some water; cold water to be exact! Because CLASSY|RATCHET is blessing your screens with our top ten fine ass men that we just can’t get enough of. You might want to save this one for when you’re off the clock 😉 #justsaying

Here are our top ten fine ass men:


1. Idris Elba 

Why? Because Idris that’s why! We know were not the only ones crushin’ on this fine specimen. He’s confident, sexy, talented; Do we really have to go on? Idris will always have a hold on CLASSY|RATCHET.


2. Michael Ealy 

Where do we start? CLASSY|RATCHET loves a man with a good sense of style. There really isn’t anything that Michael Ealy will wear that we won’t love him in. His beautiful smile and those gorgeous eyes are enough to make us melt.


3. Channing Tatum 

Unfortunately, he’s off the market but that won’t stop our eyes from wandering. I mean just look at those abs! He doesn’t make it too hard to love him. We’ve been crushin’ on Tatum before Magic Mike and we fell even more in love with him after The Vow.


4. Common

There’s nothing “common” about this man. From his soulful voice to his compelling eyes, Common has it all. He’s a triple threat with the heart of gold, how could we not love him.


5. Michael B. Jordan

Those eyes, those lips, that smile and that body. Let’s just say that Michael B. Jordan will always be bae. He’s successful, driven and fine. Did we say fine? Word on the street is that he’s still single and we’re secretly hoping it stays that way.


6. David Beckham 

Sexiest man alive? How could we disagree? We can’t stop gushing over those H&M ads too #sorrynotsorry. Don’t worry Victoria, CLASSY|RATCHET is only looking we won’t touch.


7. Omari Hardwick

Those arms and his tattoos, we know you looked too! Don’t you just wish you could morph his character from Power into a man? We certainly do! Sexy is an understatement for Omari.


8. Denzel Washington 

Like a bottle of fine wine, Denzel gets better with age. From his “Glory” days to serving justice in “The Equalizer”, Denzel can command an audience with his talent, his charm, and that gorgeous smile. It’s safe to say that CLASSY|RATCHET will always be crushin’ on Denzel.


9. The Game 

Do we really have to give a reason? It’s pretty obvious why we can’t stop crushin’ on The Game. Just look at him! We’ll be honest we were disappointed when his Instagram pics were reported. #allchestnolegs


10. Drake 

From his voice to his selfies to his beard! Drake is just one of a kind. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to see what the hype was all about. He must be doing something right to these ladies and CLASSY|RATCHET wants to know what that “something” is. Oh and feel free to send CLASSY|RATCHET some of your selfies Drake they would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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