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Our Favorite Fall Trends

Everyone wants to look good and stay up to date with fashion, but its always evolving. Since fall is almost coming to an end. We wanted to share some of our favorite fall fashion trends from this season.

halle-berry botkier black ankle boots1. Booties 

Ankle booties were a huge hit this fall. They could be worn with just about anything as you could see in the pic above. Whether you tucked your leggings in them or cuffed your jeans over them they were perfect with any outfit.

guess-burnt-orange-dolce-vita-sweaters~look-index-middle2. Oversized Sweaters 

Nothing says comfort more than one of these. You are able to stay warm and still look cute if you wear one of these. If you don’t own one we recommend that you borrow one of bae’s sweaters.

kimkcover3. The Robe Coat 

This particular piece is a trending topic this season whether it was oversized or fitted. The robe coats is a definite must have for the season and will probably be seen in the winter too.

Knitwear444. Knitwear 

Turtleneck sweaters were such an easy way to stay warm this season. These sweaters were a Classy Ratchet fave, because there is so many options and it can be worn for almost any occasion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fall fashion trends just as much as we did. Tag #ClassyRatchet so we can see some of your favorite fall trends!