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Everyone might be excited for the sunny days, cold drinks and trips to the beach, but CLASSY|RATCHET is excited about spending some lazy days at home catching up on our fave shows. If you plan on curling up on the couch this summer we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our fave summer TV shows:


Game of Thrones 

Is it to early to ask for season seven? Yes we’re that addicted and we’re not ashamed to admit it. We know were not the only ones that started watching season six again. If you were thinking about getting into Game of Thrones we suggest you do! Trust us when we say it lives up to the hype.


Yet another HBO show that CLASSY|RATCHET can’t seem to get enough of. The Rock isn’t the only reason we keep tuning into Ballers; okay he’s about 80% of the reason why. But seriously, this is such a good show. We are patiently waiting for season two that premieres on July 17th. So if you haven’t seen Ballers yet, we suggest you start binge watching because season two is going to be great.


Orange is the New Black

Do we really have to say much? After three seasons OITNB just keeps getting better and better. We’ll be honest and say we’re already close to being done with season 4, which by the way is so intense but we love it!



Thirteen more days until the season premiere. July couldn’t get here fast enough. We can’t wait to see what season three has in store. Power is another CLASSY|RATCHET fave! We just can’t get enough of this show and the fact that Omari Hardwick is in it is obviously a reason to watch!


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