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Office Party Etiquette: Keeping it Classy for the Colleagues

’Tis the season and office holiday parties are in full swing! This is a great opportunity to let loose and have fun with your colleagues while celebrating the holidays. Just beware you don’t do or say anything that will make you the subject of the latest water cooler gossip come tomorrow. Be mindful that it is a festive occasion, but it’s still technically the workplace.

Here are the DO’s and DONT’S at your office holiday party:

1. Be Merry

Even in small quantities alcohol has the tendency to creep up on you. If you’re going to drink, do it in moderation, Set yourself a limit, maybe two glasses of wine or a simple mixed drink. KNOW YOUR LIMITS. And if you know you can’t handle your liquor, steer clear by politely declining and finding a non-alcoholic beverage that works.

2. Don’t be a Grinch 

This might be the only chance you get to speak to the executives in your C-Suite one on one so make yourself known! This is a great opportunity to become visible to the top dogs of the organization. Don’t spend the entire evening with your office buddies/friends. Get in the holiday spirit and mingle with employees from other departments. Don’t be annoying though. Keep it natural, so they can see how great you really are.

Business Associates Toasting Champagne

3. The Real MVP 

If you’ve been working hard this year, it has hopefully been noticed and there’s a possibility you may be recognized. If this is the case, accept the honor gracefully and be sure to make a toast to the person who toasted you. Also be sure to only have had no more than two drinks at this point. You don’t want to be slurring your acceptance speech.

4. Dress for the occasion

It’s your office party not a club so even if the dress code is casual or black tie look as professional as you would any other day of work. Avoid super revealing looks (your plunging halter dress is probably not appropriate) and stay away anything too short as well. Have fun with your look, but maintain that professional image you’ve worked so hard to build up.

5. Party pooper 

Pay attention to the time you arrive and leave the event. We know, it’s the office party and you may not want to attend but avoid arriving too early just to make an “appearance”. Also, don’t stay too late either. Unless you’re on clean up duty, there’s no need to shut the party down. Your coworkers and managers will definitely notice both errors in judgment.

Remember to thank everyone that coordinated the party. They most likely put a great deal of effort hoping you would enjoy yourself and do just that. Be yourself, enjoy and have some good clean fun- just not too much fun.