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Whether they are at your job, school or maybe even a public place like the mall or the movies you’ve probably encountered a negative person. You know, the type of person that tries to spread negativity around like a virus and suck all of the positivity that surrounds you like a vampire? CLASSY|RATCHET is a firm believer in positive vibes only! So to help you continue to shine and stay away from the shade. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of negativity:


Ignore them 

We know this is easier said than done, but ignoring negative people, will not only show them that you aren’t phased by their BS and it will help you to remain positive and happy.

Keep the conversation short 

A simple, “Hey, how you doing?” is one of the best of the ways to avoid getting into deep discussion with a negative person. Anytime you manage to cross paths with them keep the conversation short and chuck up the deuces. The less they know about you, the better.

Kill them with kindness 

As much as you may not want to say anything to them at all, being kind goes a long way. As we stated before, always keep the conversation to a minimum. Maybe a smile or even a simple “Have a great day,” could possibly go a long way. Maybe they could use some cheering up themselves. You never know what someone is going through.

Don’t take their negativity personally 

If they are negative to you there’s a strong possibility that they are negative to everyone they interact with. Always remember that what they say and do is a project of their own reality. Even if they manage to insult you personally, what others say and do and the perceptions they have are based entirely on their own self-reflection.

Under any circumstance and any possible physical encounter always remain positive! Don’t let these negative people interfere with your positivity. They seem to forget that after it rains the sun is going to shine again. Stay away from they, because they don’t want to see you happy, they don’t want to see you succeed. But what are we going to do? Be happy! Be successful, but most importantly be POSTIVE!



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