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After a long week there’s nothing we’d rather do than sit back, relax, grab some snacks and catch up on our favorite shows on Netflix. CLASSY|RATCHET loves to turn up, but this weekend were going to Netflix and Chill. Here are some of our fave Netflix shows:

Orange is the New Black

CLASSY|RATCHET can’t get enough of Orange is the New Black. June can’t get here soon enough, but until then we’ll continue to binge watch old episodes.

A Different World

When we found out A Different World was on Netflix we were so hype! Thank you Netflix! We no longer have to wait patiently for these episodes to air on television. (We wouldn’t mind seeing In Living Color or Living Single on there too) #justsaying

Breaking Bad

To be honest, we weren’t too crazy about this show at first. But after watching a few episodes it wasn’t too hard for us to finish the seasons. We are still watching old episodes of Breaking Bad as we speak.

Breakout Kings 

Let’s just say taking the time to skim through Netflix is so worth it. It might not seem like much is on there, but if you take the time to look you’ll find something. Breakout Kings is just what we needed and Laz Alonso is in it, need we say more? We don’t want to give it away, you’ll just have to watch to see why were so hooked.

What’s your fave Netflix show? Hashtag #ClassyRatchet and let us know 🙂