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Motivational Monday: Time Management and How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty

It’s Monday and you’re already booked for the week. It’s going to be hectic the next few days and even though you’ve planned everything thoroughly you may have to cancel a few plans. Is it nearly impossible for you to say no to a person without feeling guilty, no matter how unreasonable the request may be? If you can almost never say no to a person, whether it’s your boss, significant other or friends without feeling terrible afterwards, then you have a hard time prioritizing your needs over the needs of others. If you’re always saying, yes because you’re afraid of saying no, then it’s time to take action and take your life into your own hands without feeling guilty.

GrogWatch-Parents-right-to-say-no-630x3301. Disease to Please. 

Your problem with saying yes to everyone may have left you trapped with almost no time for yourself. You cannot help a friend move into her new apartment, work on a big project for your boss and drive your significant other to the airport all in one day. You have to prioritize and focus on what is important.

2. You are not selfish. 

One of the big reasons that people can’t say no without feeling guilty is because they feel that they’re being selfish for turning down people who need their help. But if you’re selfish, then you’re always looking out for yourself only and would never feel guilty about saying no to someone. Think of all the times you said yes in the past.

3. Learn to Prioritize. 

You come first! One of the most valuable things we have is time, so waste it wisely! If your constantly procrastinating and feeling like you have no time, try making a to do list or marking things on a calendar so that you’ll know how much time permits to get tasks done.

Woman looking stressed at her desk4. Block out all distractions. 

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that social media and our cell phones are huge distractions. Yes, its hard to not scroll through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what everyone is up to and it’s hard to not reply to text messages especially if it’s a group chat. But if you keep your phone in your hand you’ll never get anything done.

5. What’s more important? 

This is a question we must ask ourselves when we get overwhelmed or stressed. This is the moment when you realize if what you agreed to do is manageable. Finishing a big project for your boss is way more important than getting a drink with your girls. Now this doesn’t make you a bore, the drinks and your girls will always be there. And if they are really your girls they will understand.

no fortune cookie

Remember, the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, it’s to schedule your priorities. Since it’s a brand new week I challenge you to do something that your future self will thank you for. Let’s start the week off right and make it a productive one!