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Most Likely to Succeed: Top Companies with Female Executives

There was a time when many people said this is a man’s world and women will never be able to hold top positions in it, but in 2014 that has definitely changed. Although men still often dominate in the corporate world, women are kicking their feet up and making millions in it. Women across the world are holding executive positions in some of the most well known industries.

Here are a few companies that house some of the top female executives in the world:


bank of america

1.  Bank of America. It’s easy to see why women would be attracted to one of the most leading banks, which strives to make work life balance easier for their members. Female Executives at Bank of America have several duties. But they are mainly responsible for technology and operating services.



2.  Walmart. This corporation might not come as surprise since it is one of the largest retail establishments globally and has over a million employees. The female executives are the epitome of what a “hustlerpreneur” should be. CEO’s managed to help Walmart reach $56 billion in sales for the year. Hmm, being a CEO at Walmart sounds nice doesn’t it?



3.   Johnson & Johnson. Big things are happening at this consumer goods conglomerate. Diversity at J&J is as high as it’s ever been, always pushing their female employees to overcome barriers and accelerate through specific action plans used for development to help support future promotion.


Let the old adage of “it’s a man’s world” be no more, because women executives everywhere are surely making their presence known. With hard work and dedication any woman can rise to the top and succeed. In the words of Beyonce, who run the world? GIRLS!