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#MCM The Rock

Can you SMEEEEELLLLLL who our #MCM is this week? He’s athletic, funny, charming and probably one of the best dad’s in the world, you guessed it! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is CLASSY| RATCHET’S #MCM. From WWF fighter turned actor The Rock just keeps on getting bigger and better! 2015 had the perfect ending for him as he welcomed his second child, but first daughter with his girlfriend Lauren Hashian.


When he’s not too busy being a stellar dad, he’s making sure that his acting career is up to par. We don’t know about you guys, but we can’t wait to see our guy this summer in a comedy called Central Intelligence along with Kevin Hart.

Since he’s always in preparation mode for any projects that might come his way, he’s always making sure that his body stays in shape. CLASSY | RATCHET loves a hardworking man especially one that stays in the gym. Clearly The Rock understands the importance of health and fitness. CLASSY| RATCHET can’t wait to smell what else your cooking in 2016 we will definitely be looking forward to it.


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