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This week’s #MCM needs no introduction obviously. but we’ll give him one anyway, cause he deserves it. CLASSY|RATCHET’s #MCM is The Game. Were not sure if we should be thanking him or social media, but what we will say is that he gives us a reason to say TGIF every Friday. If you’ve been following Game on social media you know exactly what were talking about. From his charming smile, to his bad boy demeanor, edgy tattoos and banging body Game is packing it all (no pun intended). What can we say he’s the epitome of a DILF.

The-Game-Clapback-Instagram-Kids-Ugly-640x609Sorry, it’s kind of hard for us to focus when looking at his…body, (Yeah, we know you scrolled up too), but on a more serious note, if there was a Daddy of the Year Award Game would get it. There’s nothing more adorable than a little girls relationship with her dad and little Cali makes it known that her dad will always be her first love. He’s not only the best dad to Cali, but also to his two sons Harlem and Justice.


It’s pretty obvious that Game has a big heart. He’s probably one of the most charitable rappers. He goes above and beyond to help people in need. Whether it’s via social media or through a project he joined called the Robin Hood Project. Game decided to donate a million dollars to the homeless, those that needed help with funeral expenses and even people that might have needed some assistance paying for Christmas presents. If that’s not a genuine whole-hearted man we don’t know what is.

Need we say more? Continue breaking the internet hashtag king we certainly won’t be reporting it 😉


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