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This week’s #MCM is certainly a charmer and doesn’t make it too hard to fall in love with him. (Come on just look at that smile) Not only is he likeable, but he has also managed to prove his versatility as an actor, TV anchor, writer and radio host. CLASSY|RATCHET’s #MCM is Terrence Jenkins.


So let’s back track, because we are so fascinated and overjoyed about Terrence’s success. Immediately after hearing his name were sure you thought of 106 & Park? (We always do) It was from that moment on that we couldn’t get enough of him. To be honest, it did bother us when we found out he would be leaving the show. But to leave and become a co-anchor of E’s entertainment news show we couldn’t be happier. That glo up was real, wasn’t it?

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. After 10 years of being on national television, Terrence has decided to take it to bigger screens in 2016 and leave E! This month he’s playing the lead role in his new film, The Perfect Match. (Which by the way is in theatres right now) Maintaining a career in the entertainment industry is not easy so for that we commend you Terrence! And for being such a smart, talented, dedicated man. Need we say more? You are the perfect match for the entertainment industry and damn near the perfect man. We wish you the best of luck on your movie and all of your future endeavors!



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