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#MCM Steph Curry

Our #MCM this week has managed to steal our hearts. Confidence, swag and champion are just a few words that come to mind when we think of this warrior. CLASSY|RATCHET’s #MCM is Steph Curry! We can’t help but crush on him, because really what’s not to love about him? If we’re talking traits, again what’s not to love about him! He’s confident, family-oriented and humble.

30 points per game, the most 3 pointers made in the playoffs and just shots that will remain unforgettable. The title of MVP couldn’t be more fitting. He’s managed to break records and bones, but even that can’t hold this man back! Steph Curry is def with the shot boy!


Honestly, he isn’t the only Curry that has managed to steal our hearts. It’s safe to say that the Curry’s are everyone’s favorite NBA family. Just looking at the picture above warms our hearts and puts a smile on our faces. And just when you thought the Curry clan couldn’t get any cuter they added a new member to the crew, a baby girl, named Ryan. Now that the Super Bowl is over we can go back to focusing on Curry. As if we ever stopped 😉