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#MCM: NFL MVP Candidate Cam Newton

We are gushing over today’s #MCM pick, Cam Newton.  Besides the fact that he has had an amazing, career performance this NFL season, his swag, beautiful smile and strong shoulders are all reasons why we are loving on every inch of his 6’5″ frame (and did we mention that smooth, caramel skin? How on earth could we forget about that?!).

GTY 493267298 S FBN USA WACam is always having fun on the field (can you say dab?) and off the field he continues to impress with his sexy, cool and unapologetic demeanor.  He knows who he is and is not afraid to let people know it.  Seriously, what’s better than a man that’s completely sure of himself and can hold his own in any room?  We’ll wait…

Cam’s newest and most important title is dad.  He welcomed his son Chosen this past Christmas Eve with longtime girlfriend Kia Porter- sorry ladies, he’s very taken!  Doesn’t mean we can’t look though.  And trust, come Super Bowl Sunday this upcoming weekend we will definitely have our eyes peeled.

Good luck to the Panthers in #SuperBowl50!