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#MCM Nate Parker

We’re not ashamed to admit it; we could watch Beyond The Lights over and over again just to see his chiseled features and kissable lips! I mean look at those arms- why wouldn’t Nate Parker be our #MCM?! CLASSY|RATCHET has been crushin’ on Parker since he starred in The Great Debaters back in 2007.

attends the 15th Annual Diversity Awards on November 18, 2007 in Universal City, California.

His physical features and acting skills aren’t the only reasons we love him. We love him for what he stands for, the fact that he’s all about his business and lets not forget his confidence, intelligence and determination. We could go on and on. The college wrestler, turned empowering actor, turned writer is now director of his own film entitled, Birth Of A Nation that is a biopic about rebelled slave Nat Turner. It was the biggest hit of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival just a few weeks ago, ultimately scoring him a historic deal- selling the film to Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million dollars! And we’re not surprised one bit. His hard work has made critics and audiences all over eager for his new project to hit theaters.

With mentors like Danny Glover, Denzel Washington and Terrence Howard you’re destined to be successful. We can’t resist a man that speaks and his actions follow! He took his niche and dominated and for that we are eager and will be patiently waiting to see what Nate Parker does next!


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