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Maintaining a ClassyRatchet Image on Social Media

We all have the right and freedom to post whatever we want on social media, but it is important to remember that the content we share may leave a lasting impression on those who may be scrolling through your timeline. If you were to take a look at your profile(s) right now, what would they say about you and your personal brand? Your image on social media, whether you like it or not, is a reflection of you and should definitely give insight to who you are. It really is your chance to show the world how awesome you are, but you never want someone to get the wrong impression.

NEVER FORGET what you post online on any platform is available for everyone to see- regardless of how “private” you think your page may be. So be mindful. Would you really want your boss to see you dropping F-bombs in your latest Twitter rant? Or your Aunt Elma to notice that overtly sexy “look back at it” pic on Facebook that probably could’ve just been sent privately to your boo? Think about it, is that how you really want to be portrayed?


Right, wrong or indifferent, people will always have their opinions so we know it’s impossible to please everyone. And don’t get it twisted, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with turning up and posting pics of a good time. I mean, everybody loves a sexy vacation swimsuit selfie. The ClassyRatchet team completely endorses those! However, always remember there is a thin line between sexy and a bit too racy. Tread lightly on that line and lean towards Classy if you are second guessing.

You don’t have to be a prude on social media, we encourage you to be yourself! Just know the balance. A little Classy. A little Ratchet. A lot of perfect.