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Keeping it Simple: 5 Ways to "Dress Up" Your #OOTD

Ladies, have you ever felt as though you have absolutely nothing to wear but you have a closet full of clothes? Do you find yourself feeling like you need a new wardrobe every time you go to put an outfit together? And do you cancel plans sometimes just because you feel like the outfit you put together won’t fit the occasion? If your answer is yes to everything. Don’t worry, you don’t need a whole new wardrobe. Were going to show you how the simplest things can a turn a dull outfit around.


tumblr_mqj4ilnzft1r8efu6o1_5001. Makeup

A beat face can make you look as though you’re ready for any event or activity that comes your way. You don’t need to purchase from expensive makeup brands either. There are tons of brands that can help you mimic just about any look you want to go for.


BvhxwT1CYAAaBol2. Clutch

Clutches have become very stylish and trendy from prints to bright colors they can make a statement without trying to make one. You probably own a clutch that can help turn a simple look into a fab one.


img-0752a-400x2953. Necklaces

Accessorizing is a great way to dress up any outfit. You can make a transition from day to evening with a nice statement necklace. This is the fastest and easiest go to when your looking to take your outfit up a notch.


tumblr_nd0cmkdst11r8872jo1_5004. Shoes

A fab pair of heels can do wonders for an outfit. The style, shape or color doesn’t matter. There’s just something about a women in a pair of heels. You’ll definitely be giving life if you decide to wear a pair of heels with your outfit.


e9631309778733e4e2ec0f522b8cf3b95. Hair

Now of course our outfits, makeup and shoes are important. But nothing is more important than our hair. Your hairstyle can play a big part in your outfit. You can wear a simple tee with some boyfriend jeans and let your hair do all of the talking. Some nice loose curls or light waves will definitely do the trick whether you’re going out during the day or night.

Now that we’ve suggested some ways to dress up your #ootd. We want to see if you’ve given it a try. Tag #ClassyRatchet so we can see what you’ve done to dress up your #ootd.