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Is your boo #MCM material? Check our list so you know it’s real

When you think of your boo what are some qualities that you would use to describe him? Is he smart, funny, outgoing and ambitious? Of course no one is perfect, but what makes him perfect to you? Consider this list your #MCM cheat sheet.


There’s nothing sexier than a man that has his own. But what makes him even sexier is the fact that he’s worked so hard for everything that he has. Just like sex, money isn’t everything. Every woman looks for a sense of security and comfort. They love us when we have our own too. But in order to progress and move forward you have to be able to become a team.


I am sure there is a poll somewhere that says confidence is one of the most important characteristics to women. It definitely is! A guy with the right swag and sex appeal can easily grab your attention. No one wants a Boring Bob or Depressed Dave. He doesn’t have to be the life of the party, but the fact that he can walk around like he is a definitely a turn on. Oh and FYI guys if you thought we admired your cockiness and arrogance we don’t!

Sense of Humor

Now he doesn’t have to be Kevin Hart or knee slapping funny, but your bae should be able to make you crack a smile with no problem. Smiling is good for you! And his sense of humor will play a big role when you go out. He doesn’t have to be overly friendly (if you know what I mean) but if it’s couple’s night and you’re out with your friends for drinks I would think you would want him interacting.

black coupleFamily Oriented

Anxiety is not the feeling you should get when your boo is around your parents or family. Developing a positive relationship with your family is definitely important, you should want your loved ones to be able to see a future with the man in your life just as much as you do. This doesn’t have to be as important as his ambition or his sense of humor if you are currently still in the “just dating” phase, but if you are starting to see more then this is something you should consider.


Seeing the world with bae is something everyone strives for. This is when you will make some of the most unforgettable memories. In order to do this he has to be willing to do so. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! If you are constantly staying in the same environment and surrounded by the same people you won’t grow and he should be expecting the same too.

These are just a few qualities that can make your boo the ideal #MCM. Everyone has their own preference and no one on this earth is perfect. As long as he makes you happy, respects you and is loyal your #MCM dreams can come true! Take a look at the video that the ShadeRoom posted… When your #MCM speaks of you it should be like this.


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