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Introducing Your New "Boo" to the Family When They're Stuck on the Past

The holidays are times full of family gathering and lots of love. It can also prove very uncomfortable if you are bringing something to the table other than sides for the turkey. At some point we’ve all faced the awkward moment of bringing home your new guy to meet the family. This task can become even more uncomfortable when your family is still in love with your ex. The key to making sure it goes off without a hitch is preparation.

Much like your holiday meal without preparation you will fail. The best way to introduce your new beau to the Fam is by talking him up before they even meet him in person. Bring up all the positive things he does for you like coming to pick you up from work or your stand in Thursday date nights. Be confident in all the things that made you fall for him and your family will be sure to love him too. The prep time is just as important as the actual prepping. Be sure to bring up your guy months before the holiday season so that they’re aware you are dating someone new.

Like every great holiday meal there is always that dish that everyone wants to avoid that puts a bad taste in your mouth. Much like your relationship there will always be things that your family will find fault in with your new man. Most times they will try to dig deep and decipher those things first. Instead of giving them the space to do it on their own in front of your guy bring those things to the table before you actually sit at the table. For example if he’s a “starving artist” let them know how much dedication he puts into his musical career but that he also holds down a 9 to 5 to bring in some income. But be sure to talk with your guy first about what he’s comfortable sharing and discussing before you do so.

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While your ex may have been a great addition to the family his fit wasn’t always as comfortable as your family will make it out to be. As creatures of habit once we become attached to something it’s hard to let go. The best way to transition the new guy into the family is to showcase his ability to care for you and vice versa. If you fix his dinner plate let him be the one to go get the dessert. It shows your family that your relationship is balanced. At the end of the day your family’s biggest concern is that you’ve let go of a great catch and they want for your new guy to prove that he’s worthy of taking the new spot. Let your guy shine!

Lastly nothing tops off a holiday gathering like great memories. Of Course no first date will go off without fault so try your best to just enjoy the time in front of you. If you know your guys strong points bring them out. Maybe it’s his mean ass spade game or his goofy karaoke alter ego. What ever it may be, use it to your advantage and try to make new memories between your family and the current beau that will outlast the ones your family might have had with your ex. Always remember that while the approval of your family holds weight nothing conquers all like love. Bring that as the main course and your sure to have your family coming back for leftovers!

From the heart of Ebony S. Garris