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How to be Selfish and Look Sexy While Doing It!

We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves, but how many of us actually do so? We stretch every waking hour of our day between school, work, children, and then all of the other unplanned inconveniences. Well guess what?

Self-Care is the new Black.

Now is the time to take care of your sexy self! You should never regret taking time to refresh your spirit, be centered, get your chakras in line – WHATEVER you want to call it! Here are my seven tips on keeping you sexy, rested, and unstoppable!

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Early to bed and early to rise blah blah blah blah blah healthy, wealthy, and wise. YALL know the saying! There is a point every evening when you’ve sat on the couch for about thirty minutes too long and before you know it you’re asleep! When the “end-of-the-week-tired” hits you need to get up and go to a comfy bed. Couch naps are great for Sunday afternoons, but not for busy weekdays. Shift away from sleeping in front of the TV because your eyes are still working hard under your eyelids with all the TV light coming through! Not to mention when we sleep on the couch we rarely sleep all the way through the night due to the lack of back support (ok, I’m a little old) or just overall discomfort. Waking up at 3:00am on the couch is not pleasant- so go to bed, your real bed, and get the rest that you deserve. The Chanel bags under our eyes need to go!

2) Get off of your phone

This one is tough. When your done reading my blog you should take some time and disconnect from the world. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will all still be there in the morning.  You do not have to check every update. Those ‘likes’ will be there. We all have adjusted our brightness on our phone to the lowest setting for prime scrolling time early in the morning and late in the evening. Even at the lowest light the bright screen is abrasive and won’t let your brain sleep- in fact it wakes you right back up. HOW do I know that? SCIENCE!…..and some common sense. Not to mention most adults spend all day at work in front of a bright computer screen.  Take an hour to wind down in the evening without infinite scrolling. Read a book, make some tea, do anything but read emails and share viral cat video on your phone. You are 100% less likely to drop your phone on your face.


3) To-Do List then rest.

One of my worst habits is getting into bed, starting to relax, and then thinking of the millions of things I have to do tomorrow (and all my regrettable decisions between 1999-2014.) Instead of facing the mental swarm of thoughts as soon as you start resting,  write down your “to-do” list before bed.  When you wake up in the morning you already have a to-do list and you don’t waste time making one in the morning.  You literally hit the ground running. Your productivity level will be through the roof.

 4) Wake up early.

 Unfortunately for me (and like half of America) the world revolves around morning people. After college adjusting my sleep pattern was a huge change for me. I was a night owl and I could easily stay up until 2:00am dooooooooiiiinnnng NOTHING. Literally nothing. Now is the time to reschedule your life and reevaluate how much time you spend in the evening “shuckin’ and jivin’” versus being productive. Nothing is more sexy than approaching your day with confidence and organization. Knocking a few tasks out from your to-do list in the morning or hitting the gym can make all the difference. So get up, at least by 6:00am, and wake with the day well-rested. And then you can be the annoying person who sends the first message to the group text in the morning. LOLOLOL

5) Take a hour per day for yourself

Everyone says that they “don’t have time” to do anything. The reality is that we ALL have time, we just don’t MAKE time. Each day you need to meet a goal of having one uninterrupted hour to yourself. This is not impossible! Once this becomes a habit you will realize how much it helps having a dedicated hour focused on you and a moment of peace. Worst case scenario- disappear on your lunch break. Completely Ghostface Killa. Working through lunch is a felony. You are paid to slow life down and regroup, so do that!

6) Take one day per month to pamper yourself

Unless you are hungover every Sunday you have at LEAST ONE day in the month to treat yourself. Recovering from a hangover is not valuable rest. It’s your body healing from beverage abuse! Don’t make this the norm. Pamper yourself and don’t wait on someone to do it for you. Get your nails painted, get your hair done, go on Groupon and get a massage coupon and tear up the city every month with discounts (that’s what my cheap @$$ does!) Whatever you do to make you feel better- do that selfishly. Make a REAL appointment and set it before plans are made for you by your family, your job, and adult responsibilities! You can return to the world with renewed energy.


7) Say No.

I have exhausted so much energy in the past trying to please everyone. I never wanted to disappoint anyone and felt that I needed to be everywhere ALL the TIME. You have to realize that not every invitation is exclusive. Not every acquaintance cares whether you show up to an event or not.  Other people’s problems are not your problem. It’s OK to say no sometimes. Its OK to feel emotionally exhausted with other peoples issues and turn off your phone. You can always call them back. You can answer the nastygram emails tomorrow. If you don’t start saying no you will run yourself into the ground trying to be everyone’s everything all the time. You’re a #boss. Sometimes the boss has to take a step back and make the tough decisions. If life is Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta you need to BE a Rasheeda, not a Karli Red.

How are you keeping it sexy this year and taking care of yourself? Comment and share on IG and Facebook!


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