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High Expectations: If He Flys You Out Do You Have to Put Out?

We’ve all felt the obligation of holding up to our end of the deal when treated out by a dude.  You know the feeling of holding a quick conversation with the man who brought you a drink or two, the guy who invited you to chill out in his VIP section, or even the guy who treats you out to a surf and turf dinner on a first date. Let’s face it no one wants to totally play out a man especially when dollars are involved, but is it our obligation to partake in physical activity in exchange for a trip?62-7

When you get that call from a guy asking you to come out and meet him in a tropical playground is it his intention to play in your fun box?  I asked my dude had that ever happened to him and in a couple instances he did invite a girl or two out because he felt she was the type of girl to just want a “good time”.


Is it possible that we may give off that “good time girl” energy without even knowing it? And if our decision is not to have a good time do men have the right to get upset? Talk to us ladies and gents we want to know what YOU think!